Tried my best accomplishing this chapter today… My coughing hasn’t gotten better and I have indigestion. Next chapter will be in a few days instead in two days as I had planned… probably in 3~5 days… If I could, I’ll post two chapters at once… And at the 4th week, I’ll probably treat you with extra chapters… Depends on which I will be inclined to do~

Enjoy Chapter 68

3 thoughts on “IWUPWAJC CH 68

  1. Thanks for the chapter, but please rest and recover your health! We can wait for you to get better, so take your time to translate without worrying about deadlines…


  2. Hope you’ll feel better soon! You should gargle warm water with a few spoonful of salt for your coughing. As for indigestion, try boiling a few small roots of ginger, add some honey and drink it. Actually you could put aside some to gargle as well for your throat! If you’re lazy to boil ginger yourself, maybe go out and enjoy a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea for your indigestion? Works like a charm 🙂


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