I don’t think many like this story… I don’t know… They story is intriguing, lot of characters, mythical beings, and so on. Plot-wise, it is alright… some still shrouded in mystery…

But imagined translating this at night… As of now, it’s 4:15 AM… So cold…


Enjoy Chapter 65

7 thoughts on “IWUPWAJC CH65

  1. I actually love this story a lot. This is the only supernatural horror c-novel I’m reading because I’m more scared of reading scary stuff than listening to or watching them onscreen (I could scare myself shitless with my rampant imagination from reading details in a book). So I always avoid horror stories. Yet I’m reading this. I might not comment often, but I really appreciate all the efforts expended in translating this story. I also admire you guys for having the guts to translate this…especially at night. Thank you so so much!

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      1. my editor only helping in correcting my grammar… and I arranged for my editor to edit the rich and honorable chang an whenever she free. For others, I can manage.


  2. Actually, I do love this story.
    I just have a habit of reading everything in one sitting, especially when the circumstances in the story is quite complicated.
    It’s not that I don’t enjoy it.
    On the contrary, in order to enjoy everything to the fullest, I wait until we have a lot of things sorted out.
    Not to mention, this story has a lot of character.
    It’s quite hard to keep up.

    Please don’t stop translating.
    I promise I’ll get back to it once I deem everything is quite a lot to read.


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